Breeding Objectives

Proudly Indigenous

The Nooitgedachter remains a proudly indigenous South African horse, formed through selection for a good constitution, work perseverance, low maintenance and an inherent attraction to people. During the first 300 years of its arrival, since the days of Jan van Riebeeck, horses were mainly used for working purposes. Later developments included transportation, war horse, livestock horse and conveyance for hunting and expeditions. Today horses are bred for general working purposes on the one hand, sport horse on the other with a pleasure horse in the middle. It is within this framework of work-sport-pleasure horse that the Breivilo Nooitgedachters bound themselves. From the strong genetic basis of the Nooitgedachter the following directional objectives have been set: excellent temperament, endurance, movement, constitution and conformation, and most of all a brilliant ride.


Temperament is, and will always be the foundation of the Nooitgedachter. The Breivilo Nooitgedachter team focuses on not measuring erudite or man-induced temperament or behaviour but rather a natural and genetic temperament. It is for this reason that we do not handle our young horses often. When the horses are put under saddle at age 3-4 years it is merely to evaluate their underlying temperament and attraction to man. We believe that the horses should spend as much time in the field as possible without over nurturing in stables.


Breivilo Nooitgedachters must provide a brilliant ride. This means that a Nooitgedacher must be able carry its rider comfortably throughout the course of the day. Endurance is thus of the utmost importance and ensures the competitiveness of the Breivilo Nooitgedachters in the endurance-riding sport arena. We do line breeding on the legendary Logan who had a softer movement, with striking muscle definition and excellent riding characteristics.

Strong legs and hooves

It remains important that the existing trait of the Nooitgedachter, namely: strong legs and hooves, is not discarded. To remain competitive in modern day sports a horse’s legs and hooves must retain. A horse that is continuously cripple cannot compete successfully. The old people used to say: “A horse is only as good as its legs and hooves”.

Constitution and low maintenance

Breivilo Nooitgedachters live off the field with little or no supplements. We value a horse with exceptional constitution. This is perhaps the one characteristic that is ignored during breeding by most breeders, especially when it comes to selection and the setting of breeding goals. It is quite simple to feed a horse to a good condition in a stall which makes it impossible to measure constitution. Why is this important? A horse with good constitution has inherent low maintenance needs, which means that less feed is required and that the horse can survive and reproduce on feed with low nutritional value.

Family horse by measure

Lastly, the Breivilo Nooitgedachters are eminently a horse for the entire family. Therefore our horses are not only a first choice as pleasure horse, but also appropriate as women’s- and children’s sport horse. We believe that no other breed of horse is better equipped for this purpose, especially the Breivilo Nooitgedachters. These horses are exceptional!